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Steel Buildings of structural revolution

Low price, good strength, easy to change the structure, rapid construction, long life ... These characterisations made steel buildings become revolution changed the face factory to make breakthrough in the field of building structures. Factories are constructed by conventional materials have been replaced with prefabricated steel buildings with many outstanding features.


 Prefabricated steel market can be applied in two key areas: the construction industry, including factories, warehouses, factories, hangars or other structures constructed of steel; and in civil construction for civil housing, office, hotel, car showrooms.
A survey by Reed Tradex Company (Thailand), Vietnam has the potential to become the manufacturing center of Southeast Asia, the demand for steel buildings will be very high. Moreover, the tendency to use prefabricated houses are encroaching into residential areas. The architectural style harmonious common structural and prefabricated steel frame, glass building is creating uniqueness in modern architecture.
From industrial ...
Industrial production is growing, the demand for steel buildings will be great. In this trend, some brands of steel buildings have appeared in Vietnam ..
The advantage of pre-engineered steel buildings are low-maintenance and easily extended in the future so enterprises will strengthen the use of this type instead of building workshops by reinforced concrete. Currently, steel buildings for more than 70% for industrial buildings, "he said.
One other outstanding shares in this field is Zamil Steel. In 2013, while revenue increased only Zamil Steel 15% compared with the previous year, but profits rose by 60%. This is the best business results during the 20 years of presence in Vietnam market of this business. Mr. Kumar Narasimhan, Director of Zamil Steel, said the next goal of the company is to approach more of the major projects of the Government, and further investment for structural steel service line works demanding sophisticated techniques.
PEB Steel also recently inaugurated manufacturing steel buildings Thursday at Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone (Ba Ria - Vung Tau). The capacity of this plant is 120,000 tonnes / year, twice the capacity of the current plant 4.
Representative PEB Steel said that in 2015, Vietnam is expected to sign more free trade agreements bilaterally and multilaterally, as Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement Vietnam - EU, Vietnam's market is expected to play a central role in production activities in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the transfer was for production infrastructure will boost demand prefabricated steel boom in the near future.
Mr. Adib Kouteili, Managing Director of PEB Steel, said the company has joined hands with Nippont Steel Company (Japan) and POSCO (South Korea). These units are both partners, both shareholders planned to build the next plant needs prefabricated steel buildings increasing in Vietnam.
... To civil
In addition to the low cost and convenience, it also created steel buildings is the luxury for a home or office building. The harmonious combination between the normal construction and prefabricated steel frame has created a style of modern architectural space. In particular, the current office building using steel frames and glass building as the optimal solution.
An American architect, said that the term "manufactured home" often makes people think of the type of mobile home, were able to assemble and easy style carriage house was mass produced from the parts thereof and mounted together in form. Accordingly, we also think that the style of prefabricated houses dry, coarse, together with the inconvenience of temporary lifestyle.
This concept is no longer the basis of when the architecture has had many trials with a different behavior, where the model manufactured home is seen as a new house style, modern, response modern lifestyle. They offer beautiful design, these premises open space and amenities. Thus, "manufactured home" concepts associated with "style" than before. Economists believe that modern architecture will grow and earn more profit from prefabricated steel segment in housing construction appeared long but was neglected.
Based on the boom in engineering and construction materials, architecture and construction world today is changing the concept of "easy, available, cheap" day of prefabricated housing before the " convenient, comfortable and economical ". And by adding the lines of modern architecture and style layout and eye-catching interior, the architects pushed new residential space into a new style.
Foreseeing this trend of companies specializing in pre-engineered steel buildings has launched many homes form chexay office building, restaurant ... tastes.

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