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Restoration repair workshops

Currently, investors put the factory in the industrial zone 1 VSIP, VSIP 2, Linh Trung EPZ 1, 2 Linh Trung EPZ, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Tao Industrial Zone, Bien Hoa Industrial Zone 1 are also relatively high.
Most of the factories were built in the industrial park are old as time to build and put into operation relatively long. There are already over 15 years of workshop should be severely degraded.

Someday when the factory, or warehouse and you have a leaky old, was soaked walls, cracked walls, electricity and water systems remained intact. You are investors that keep getting smaller on issues bothering. When you detect a problem, you have to search employee housing units specialized workshops, warehouses to survey and quotation. This is very time-consuming

Design workshop is part of the work of skilled technicians in the design, waterproofing, tiles.

Repair workshop is repairing a roof tole need replacement parts, or building and prevent further office or warehouse, toilet ...

You are planning to expand the factory, trying to renovate the old factory to condition and expand production.

Your Factory with reinforced concrete, prefabricated steel ...

How to choose the right unit with experience and credibility to your application workshop?

Kien Phat perform the functions of your factory warranty when you sign a contract year service warranty workshops on issues relevant:

- Replace damaged tole, anti-leak, waterproof factory.

- New paint factory, building walled room

- Replace or repair electrical systems, water

Or repairs, small jobs at the request of the company, now as needed upgrading workshops, repair workshops, renovated warehouse, the warehouse repair work with small items such as replacement old iron sheet, improve warehouse roof, shop, build new rooms, repair and maintenance of electrical systems, waterproofing the floor, against the background subsidence, cracking against the wall, repairing internal roads.

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